Quotes & Invoices – Installs

96 business hours may be required due to state law for locates before our work may begin. Staking is not included. Excavation protection is not included. Pedestrian control providing an appropriate ADA compliant alternate route and closure, audible information devices, temporary pavement markings, temporary traffic barrier, crash cushion, temporary curb ramps, detectable edging, temporary pedestrian access routes, and/or meeting PROWAG/TPAR requirements is not included.

Flagging, incidental sign/striping work, shadow vehicle/TMA work and watchperson is not included. Temporary mailbox installation/maintenance is not included.

Pavement sweeping is not included. Temporary pavement marking tape/markers require 50 degree-dry surfaces for application.

Traffic control for striping and electrical work is not included. Private/NDDOT utility locate work is not included in our price above. “One-Call” utility locates are included in our price. Traffic control supervisor is not included unless noted. Traffic signal/PCMS maintenance person is not included.

The above price is based upon standard NDDOT insurance requirements. No allowance is included for any additional insurance that may be required by the contractor or the railroad. Staking will be the owner’s/prime contractor’s responsibility. Attenuation Device shoulder fill work/dirt work is not included.

Purchaser agrees to indemnify and hold harmless 3D and its agents from any and all claims or damages arising directly or indirectly from any work relating to this Proposal. Purchaser agrees that 3D’s liability shall not exceed the amount paid to it under this Proposal. All work to be completed according to standard industry practices and The Manual of Uniform Traffic Control Devices. Purchaser agrees that any alternation or deviation from the above price specifications requires 3D’s prior written consent and shall automatically become part of and subject to this Proposal, which may include additional charges. This proposal is contingent upon strikes, accidents or delays beyond 3D’s control and supersedes all prior written or oral agreements. Purchaser agrees to carry all necessary and required insurance. 3D’s workers are fully covered by Workers Compensation Insurance or other required insurance. Notwithstanding anything to the contrary, items or services not included in this Proposal are not included in 3D’s price above. A 3% processing fee may be added to all payments made by credit card.


The above prices, specifications, terms and conditions are satisfactory and are hereby accepted by Purchaser. 3D is authorized to do the work as specified and Purchaser shall make payment as outlined above.