What regulations do you follow?
3D Specialties follows all local state and federal regulations including NDDOT, SDDOT, MNDOT, MUTCD, and FHWA.
Do you have breakaway sign posts that can be installed in the winter?

Yes, 3D Specialties has several options, such as a Kleen Break, available for installing and maintaining signs in the dead of winter.

Do you carry Telespar sign posts?

Yes, 3D Specialties is proud to stock a full range of Telespar Square tubing for use as sign posts, dock legs, work benches, and more.

Do I have to have an account to buy something?

No, while having an account might speed things along, it is not necessary for someone that may need just a couple cones for their personal use.

What area do you service?
3D Specialties has been serving the Upper Midwest for over 50 years. We serve North Dakota, South Dakota, Minnesota, Montana, and Wyoming.
Does 3D Specialties rent out and install traffic control materials?
Yes, we can install or deliver/pick up products. 3D specialties has a complete line of traffic control materials available for you to either rent or purchase.
Is Telespar Crash Tested?
All telespar materials are fully crash tested and approved to the latest FHWA guidelines.
Do you install signs?
Yes, 3D Specialties installs signs and has the right sign posts and hardware you need to complete your project.
Are your rental services available on short notice?
Yes, we’ve got you covered for your last-minute projects. Give us a call and one of our estimators would be happy to get you a quote and review our schedule with you.